FO: Hubby’s Alpaca Hat

The life every PhD student wishes they had;)..
It’s been quite a week; it snowed here on Monday night and the office was closed Tuesday (but the few and faithful were there….meaning that I made Joey take me to work and some friends made it in too). Monday night, before the snow started, we had a wonderful Italian dinner cooked by my favorite knitter-in-training, Shannon.
I made homemade veggie tempura on Tuesday night, which was tasty and relatively easy (if battering and frying anythingi can be easy).
But, the best part of the week was finishing Joey’s hat!!
Pattern: A Hat Knit for a Boyfriend by Stephanie (who likes to knit, apparently^_^)
Yarn: Bernat Natural Blends Alpaca (bulky)
Needles: US Size 8 dpns
This was such an easy knit. I started it on Saturday night, knit on it for a little while, and spent the bulk of Monday working on it. I finished it right after lunch on Monday. I did not make any alterations to the pattern, and it looks FABULOUS!! Joey loves it. In fact, he showed his approval by making the sound that he’s sure a contented alpaca would make (man, I wish you could have heard that).

I’ve started another one in a different color yarn for myself (it’s a smaller yarn and I’m using smaller needles, so I cast on 20 extra stitches).

Kudos to you, Stephanie…this pattern was so easy and totally rocks.


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