Thoughts on Thinking

I’m for it. Thanks, that is all. Of course I’m kidding….you know, being back in school has really reminded me how much fun it is to really think critically about things. It’s funny how, when you leave the academic world and enter the corporate world, so much is devoted to knowledge of your duties, of your field, capability to handle processes quickly and efficiently and satisfy the customer. Less is devoted to critical thinking (with the exception of some industries, I’m sure). That’s not to say that the corporate world is “dumb” or doesn’t require as much; on the contrary, it requires a ton, but much of it is in terms of the concrete (making numbers work). Having been out of the academic realm for five years has let my brain “get soft,” for lack of better term.

I’m (very) slowly getting the hang of things as far as school goes, and I’m starting to love it more and more every day. There’s so much out there to be learned and explored, and I’m thrilled to be taking part in that adventure. Our first unit in the Indigenous Literatures course was about the indigenous people of Guatemala and the issues they have with their own culture and the atrocities that they suffered. One writer, Victor Montejo, actually wondered if his own culture was “interesting enough” or “worthy” to be written down. I just find that so amusing when viewed from the perspective of our culture where we record every event that happens to us (this blog included) because somehow, we think that we’re all “special” enough that everyone should want to read what we have to say. And at the same time, we have people from another culture who are worried that their entire way of life is not “fascinating” (Montejo’s term) enough to be written down for generations to come.

Now, I’m not planning to quit this blog in sympathy for the Mayan people, of course, because I love the outlet that it provides and I know that there are at least a few of you out there who for whatever reason are interested in reading what I have to say, but I think it’s so important to keep things in perspective. Things that we think are earth-shattering may be nothing more than a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. Maybe that would help us all to keep a better outlook on life.

I’m excited about our Super Bowl party tomorrow..we’re having it at our friends’ Robert and Tina’s house and I’m going to make pigs in blankets and fried pickle chips!! Yum (and if you’ve never had fried pickles before, don’t say a thing about it until you’ve tried it because I thought it was gross too, but once I tried one, I’ll never be the same!!)

That’s all for now; I’m hanging out on Blackboard conversing with my fellow students and watching Joey read for his class on Wednesday. Love to all.


One thought on “Thoughts on Thinking

  1. Thoughts on Thinking – interesting – one of your better blogs. It provided deeper insight to another side of you – your intellectual side. I think very few of us ever give sufficient time to some serious mental thinking for any length of time – I suspect because it takes a fair amount concentration and many of us (at least me) get bored so quickly, we don’t think ‘deeply’ very well. Anyway, keep up the good work with the studies and preparing for the 5k.

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