Blog Modifications/Upgrades, etc

Joey and me on our private balcony, May 2008
So, in reading some other blogs here and there over the past few days, I’ve come to realize that my blog isn’t nearly as organized or purposeful enough. I mean, you know that my overarching themes/subjects are frugality, sustainability, green living, knitting, grad school, and my own personal psychoses, yes? But I’m thinking that it would probably help me more to make necessary changes in my life by actually being accountable for them on the blog. So, here are some rough ideas as to how I intend to “mix it up” per se…
1. I need to lose forty pounds. If I can lose that, I’ll be back to where I was when I got married (which wasn’t that long ago, and I’m not that old) and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable goal. I’ve decided that I’ll allow myself to go on a (thrift-store) shopping spree once I lose ten. My next tattoo will be my reward to myself for twenty pounds (I figured that was a fitting motivational tool since I want it so badly). So, I’m probably going to take one day a week to post updates on my fitness/weight loss goals. It’ll be the same day each week…whatever day I can come up with a “catchy” title for;).
2. Frugality and personal finance will also take a much more prominent position on the blog. Joey and I are in a position right now for which we should be very grateful. I have a stable job with decent benefits. We are both able to go to school right now so that we can ultimately pursue our dreams. We have no debt other than the house, car, and a small student loan. We can afford to eat out once a week. But, we’ve set some pretty aggressive fiscal goals for the year (paying my tuition without any loans and paying off the car), so I want the continuing journey toward frugality that we’re working on to be a focal point of the blog.
3. I’m going to post more pictures of my knitting works in progress and finished objects. Bear in mind, this will not be a knit blog. While I love to read them, I don’t have nearly enough money to use the expensive fibers that they do, so you’re not going to read about any exotic and beautiful yarns here. I can afford Red Heart, Bernat, Caron, Sugar n’ Cream, and Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn!, so that’s what you’re going to get from me. If I’m lucky, you’ll get a little Lion Brand Wool-Eeze and some Patons Classic Merino here and there. But, I do knit, I do love it, and I do want to share it with my faithful readers (all three of you!).
4. I’m probably going to have to back off the green/sustainable living portion for a while. I will attempt a container garden (on a relatively small scale) this spring/summer, but beyond that, just know that we’re always working toward conservation of any type to the best of our ability, but I’m not in a position fiscally to buy only free trade, organic, etc. We’ve got to do the best we can where we can.
5. Once a week, I’m going to do a “Blog Round-Up” of posts I’ve found interesting from the other blogs that I follow. There are too many good things out there for me to let them stay in the dark to you, my readers.
I guess, in short, I’ve decided to get a little more serious about this whole thing so that it’s a little more interesting and involved. Yay for the blog future!

3 thoughts on “Blog Modifications/Upgrades, etc

  1. The key to your new ‘life/blog’ goals [as you mentioned] is “to make necessary changes in my life by actually being accountable for them”. Accountability being the key word – I’d suggest a written log/record – plus sharing your goal with people close to you so you feel compelled (motivated) to stick with the goal. As an example, your #1 goal to lose forty pounds. A lofty goal – I wouldn’t be able to see you if you turned side-ways – the goal seems a bit aggressive, but that’s up to you (& Joey). When I lost 21 lbs last year for my Africa adventure (10% of my body weight), I held myself accountable daily. I’m not a dieter per se as I have less than admirable eating habits/patterns as you well know, but my experience is regular exercise will change your metabolism and be a significant aide to losing weight – equally as much as daily calorie intake. Anyway, the key as I’ve said is accountability. Go forth and conquer!John

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