Slim Down Saturday: Valentine’s Edition:)

First, a tribut above to my two wonderful Valentines on this day of love:).

Then, a lovely shot of what I see every morning as I’m sitting at my desk at work.

Okay, now to the real meat of the post; as you all know, as I’ve (ashamedly) told you, I have forty pounds to lose. I’m pretty disappointed in myself, since my first job was as a receptionist at Weight Watchers which I kept for seven years. Prior to that, I lost 35 pounds during the summer before I went into the ninth grade, so I already know what I need to be doing.

There’s something about getting a little older that makes you start to slow down and get complacent, and I really hate that. So, Saturdays will be my “weekend update” of my continuing journey to get back down to a weight where I’m comfortable and feel much more fit.

I’m training for a 5K in April, so that will help some, although I’ve hit a wall the past couple of weeks, which one of my cowkers told me to “suck it up and get over it.” I wish she was my personal trainer, because I’d probably already be where I need to be. I’ve also told myself that I my second tattoo will be my reward for losting 20 pounds, the halfway point, and I want it so badly that I think it’ll be a pretty good incentive.

So, I’m not going to post what my actual weight is, until I get to where I want to be, because I’m a little ashamed of that, but I will post weekly updates regarding how much I’ve lost and what I’ve done that week (exercise, eating, recipes, etc).

My goals for this next week are:

  1. Get to the gym at least five times (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday).
  2. Avoid whatever junk food is brought into the office next week.
  3. Pack a well-balanced, bento-style lunch every week day.

Here’s my most recent lunch purchase:

It’s my bento lunch set!! From Ichiban Kan!! The bag is adorable! Here’s my lunch from Friday:

Larger container: Tofu steak from Mizuho, bean sprouts and carrots, edemame
Smaller container: two corn tortillas (we were out of rice).

So, join me on my journey. I’m going to be as up-front as I can possibly be without humiliating myself;).


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