Slim-Down Saturday Update, Week 3

So, the talley for this past two weeks is 5.0 pounds. I don’t really know how, but I’m thankful. I made it to the gym on Tuesday and today. It ended up being a very stressful week, although not NEARLY as bad as last week. I really made progress in my 5K training this week too, which made me feel good. I’m running based on distance now and not based on time. To me, it’s easier to look at the little lights around the virtual, 1/4 mile track than it is to watch the seconds tick by. I almost made it a whole quarter mile at once. My goal for my next running session is to run 1/4 mile, then walk 1/4 mile, run 1/4 mile, and so forth until I get to two miles. I’ll just go from there!

The rest of the day will be schoolwork, schoolwork, schoolwork, cleaning, and then brinner:).


2 thoughts on “Slim-Down Saturday Update, Week 3

  1. Your progress is going in the right direction! Stay with it! You may find your body will not react favorably to the run-walk-run-walk build-up to reach 2 mi., so don't get discouraged. Often once 'your' body stops its initial "as far as you can go" distance and you start walking, its difficult to keep going back & forth. The key is to keep increasing the initial 'as far as you can go distance" each time. You may want to discuss with MC & DC. Continued success ahead – you will do it because you are a winner!

  2. YAY YOU! The run-walk-run is great, but I might also suggest something that we do during our fall conditioning on the team, well similar…Run a 400 (1/4 of a mile) and then recover for 2-4 mins. During that time really try to breathe, grab some water, and get your heart rate down. Then run again. We do it with 4- 800s in the fall and it is a killer workout! It really gets you in shape pretty fast too. I would suggest starting by doing that with a 400 2 or 3 times and gradually add to the 4th as your body can handle it. After that increase to an 800 and do the same thing. That 2 mile mark is right around the corner! 🙂

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