Neglectful Blogger…

I’m starting to be remiss on the pictures; sorry about that. I can’t ever remember to take my camera with me….although I do have a cute one from this weekend that I’ll try to get up soon.

So, I’ll be taking Shannon’s advice for my 5K training; I figure that she probably knows what she’s doing since she’s a track star and whatnot;).

I’ve decided that I have to free up some of my knitting needles, so I’m working to get my many projects done so that I can start some new stuff.

We bought Shelli a Booda cat box today. Holy crap, is that thing huge….it’s got a little tunnel leading up to the litterbox that’s this huge dome and is totally enclosed. And, she really loves it already, which is nice. Anything we can do to help keep us pee free!

A boring start to the week, I know. It’s fine with me…there’s too much drama these days as it is.


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