Here are a few amusing pictures from the last couple of weekends….one is a Finished-Object type of photo:Shelli is slowly warming up to Aunt Shannon and Uncle James! A couple of weeks ago, she laid on Shannon’s lap, and last night, she let James pet her for quite some time before getting irritated!

Unfortunately, the above is a FO post of a hat that I intended for myself but grossly underestimated the gauge, and ended up with a tiny hat that looked absolutely RIDICULOUS on James, therefore making it all the more hilarious that he was so thrilled to model it for us!

It was an AWESOME weekend. Friday night was laid back…we went to the gun show Saturday and spent the whole day with Shannon and James (I think some sort of road trip may be in order after Shannon graduates!!).

On Tuesday, I’m getting rid of something that I’ve been holding on to since December 2007: my hair. I’ve been growing it out for Locks of Love since then, and now I’m relatively certain that I have enough to donate and am going to get it cut *short*!!. I’m really excited, because I’m so tired of having a sweaty neck and it taking 10 minutes for my hair to dry.

I’ve also lost seven pounds thus far…three more and I get to have a shopping spree at the Salvation Army!! And thirteen more and I’ll get my next tattoo!

Last night, James wanted to make meatball subs, and Joey and he found vegetarian sausage crumbles, which Joey turned into fabulous meatballs. I’m growing more comfortable about being a vegetarian every day…I’m really starting to feel that, eventually, I may give up eggs and cheese and go fully vegan. I don’t know…just a gut feeling.

I’m looking forward to what looks like it will be a pretty good week.


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