Snoopies on the Mantle…

I have four Snoopies on my mantle. I love Snoopy, and one of the benefits of working in life insurance is that there’s always something nice coming from Met Life. Three of my Snoopies are from them, and the other is a Christmas Snoopy from Hallmark that my dear friend Shannon gave me for Christmas!

On another happy note, almost everyone I’ve been praying for to find a job has found one! That’s a big relief; it’s so hard to find work these days, and when you are offered something, you’ve got to take it, no matter how high your qualifications.

I’m also feeling like, eventually, I’ll probably go vegan. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have found it enlightening. Painful to read and see, yes, but life changing. I’m more and more thankful for the Christian Vegetarian Association every day…that there are people out there who share my religious beliefs who also feel that vegetarianism is a good way to be a proper steward of God’s Creation. A lot of what I’ve read has also made me love and appreciate Shelli more and more, and has left me wondering what I can do to help stop the euthanasia of companion animals in shelters. Shelli is spayed, and she was adopted, not “purchased” from a breeder, so we’ve done our part in that respect, but I want to do more.


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