I’m No Superman…

I wish I could have blown the above quote up a little; it’s from Abraham Lincoln. It amazes me how much animal compassion insight we never read about in the history books. Did you know that Mark Twain was a vegetarian?

I spent a lot of time talking to Joey yesterday about my views on animal rights and Scriptural references to support them (and also Scriptural references that called them into question). I have made peace now with being able to stand up for animal rights and feel as though I’m not being a “bad Christian” for it. I’m glad to finally be comfortable in that. I think that there’s room for a ministry to be made out of compassion for Creation.

This weekend was totally awesome. I got a half day Friday and we went out to UNCC to see Shannon fly through the air during the pole vault. It was really neat to see, even if the girls did have to wait two hours after their designated start time. There was sun, there was fun, and we capped it off with a great Mexican dinner to celebrate James’s NEW JOB!!!

Yesterday, I had coffee with two friends from high school. Ten years really gives us all perspective, I think. It’s funny how fast the time goes, though.


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