Ugly Ducklings and Beautiful Swans…

It’s been a different week, for sure. I was more efficient at work, which is good, but I’m having trouble keeping everything else in balance for some reason….my eating, my schoolwork, my use of time. I just kind of let it go this week, which is a bummer. That new tattoo is going to take FOREVER at the rate I’m going. I’m back down from eight pounds lost to five now because of the beach trip and my continued lack of attention to what I’m shoving in my face:(. I feel like I need to just take a week and get everything back in order. I wish I had the time to take a week off work and do that, but I know I’ll need that time later.

Sunday is Easter…good time to reflect on our faith and just how high the cost of our redemption. I get to sing with two seriously talented people Sunday too, which I’m pretty psyched about. To even get asked to do a trio with them was pretty awesome, so I’m looking forward to that fun. And, my mother in law (who is fantastically cool….seriously…I feel really bad for those of you who don’t get along with your MIL, because mine is too awesome) is making sausage balls, which were one of my favorite treats pre-vegetarianism, but she’s going to get some veggie sausage crumbles and make sausages balls that are MEAT FREE for me!! Yay!!! How thoughtful is that?

I’ve been in a mood for a lot of today…I’m not sure why. Hopefully it’ll go away by tomorrow. I hate being in moods over the weekend.

That’s all for now…hopefully I’ll have something a little more substantive over the weekend…


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