Out of Balance.

That’s how I’m feeling right now. Things that I’ve planned to do and hoped to do earlier in the year, I’ve been too lazy to do. I’m stalled, and now I’m looking back and getting mad at myself as if that’s going to do much good.

So, here I am. I planned to lose weight faster than this. I planned to learn self-discipline. I planned to be more diligent with my schoolwork. I planned to work on the house more.

How disappointing.


2 thoughts on “Out of Balance.

  1. Hey girl- we’re in Dr. Arnold’s class together and I just noticed you’re a blogger too.

    I echo a lot of whats on your page. My film review paper was an A-. I wasn’t happy. My MLA sucked and I knew it when I turned it in, I just haven’t been making good time management choices.

    ditto on that weight loss program too.

    *sigh. Spring is supposed to be our rebound time dang it!!


  2. Hi!! I was really hoping that some of my classmates would be fellow bloggers! I find it pretty addicting these days;). I hope I can get this school/work/life balance down soon.

    What I hate most about MLA is that is is constantly changing. Stuff that was okay when I was in undergrad six years ago is now a mortal sin:(.

    Are you taking anything this summer?

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