Getting Back to Good

I know I’ve already posted this pic before, but I thought it was really good and I like snakes. Lots of things are happening right now, most of them really good. I think I’m finally ready for that. The semester is almost over…I have one discussion and two papers left to do and then I get a few days off before I start my summer class. I wish that I had registered for two summer classes, because that would leave me halfway done with my degree, but I didn’t know if we’d be able to handle it fiscally, so I may just have to push it really hard next semester and see if I can get it done. All of the sudden, I really have the urge to work on this very seriously.

I finished my knitting gift, so FO pics will come tomorrow after I’ve delivered it to the recipient. I’ve got some more stuff to do relatively quickly, so I’ll have to get started on it today. Shelli is acting like a total crackhead since she was alone all day yesterday. We went to Inman for my grandma’s 80th birthday party. Mema so doesn’t seem 80. She’s so active!

I hit the Goodwill yesterday looking for vintage-looking t-shirts and bohemian-looking stuff. I’m kind of sick of dressing for how I think I should look or how I think other people want me to look. So, I’m not doing that anymore. Over it.


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