On Writing?

Sorry Stevie;)…(good ol‘ Stephen King for those of you who think I’m insane). I just finished writing the bulk of the body of my paper for Cultural Studies and, while I’m not entirely sure that it’s exactly what the prof wants to see, I am happy about the subject matter that I chose and I feel like I did a relatively decent job of discussing the idea of identities among conservative Christians in light of the environmentalist movement and the emerging Creation Care movement that’s becoming very prevalent among Christians in my age group who are, by and large, disillusioned with the “status quo.”

I also spent some time today reading the Eat Live Run blog. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new blog. It’s interesting, entertaining, and informative, and I was also incredibly awed by the writer’s great strength and perspective in the (veryvery) recent loss of her brother in a tragic accident. Drop by there and show her some love if you get a chance. It gave me some great perspective today on my own life, on how all-or-nothing I can be, on how I let one mistake ruin my entire day or sabotage everything that I’m trying to do. I also have GOT to try that breakfast cookie recipe that she makes. It looks AWESOME!!

I promise, FO products are coming…Joey took them on his super-snazzy DSLR and they’re going to be huuuuuge, so he’s going to have to download them and then reduce the size of the file so that I can post them, but I ended up being pretty satisfied with the results.

And, I survived my yearly physical without tears. And the phlebotomist was awesome. I don’t even have a bruise…but she did have to use a butterfly needle and she did comment on how hard my veins are to find. Whatever…she was nice and I hardly felt the stick.

I’m newly focused on personal wellness these days. I think it’s coming from the fact that my attentions are about to be pared down to being able to focus on it again (read: school will be over and I’ll have a small window before it starts back up for SS1). I’m just going to try to be easier on myself so I don’t go postal when I make a mistake.


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