Up All Night and Nursing a Sunburn:(

It’s been a very busy couple of days, gosh. Yesterday, we went right to the studio after work for some recording. We’ll probably have to go back to work on it again because we got started on the background vocals later than anticipated and tried to add in some new stuff. However, I got some knitting time in!

Then, we went to see a Rolling Stones Tribute concert for charity that one of our friends, Nicolette Emanuelle, was featured in. Twenty local bands played Stones songs; she sang “Angie,” and did an awesome job, and she had the Rolling Stones logo glued on her back in sequins (one at a time)…it was freakin’ FANTASTIC. Anyway, she’s moving to Portland tomorrow, so we wanted to get a chance to see her perform again before she left. We stayed until after 2, when everything ended so that we could say goodbye.

We got home around 3, and I woke up at 7:30 (the alarm was set for 9:30, bummer) because Shannon’s final track meet of her college career was today. We followed her over there and hung out with her parents and watched her fly through the air several times. It always amazes me that I have a friend who can do something cool like that. She’s only got a few days of exams and presentations and then she’ll be graduating next week. It takes me back to graduating from college…it all happened so fast that it felt like a blur, walking, taking pictures with my professors. I don’t think it really sunk in until we were on our way to Florida (for a cruise) that I realized that life would never be the same. But, you know, I don’t wish to go back there like I used to.

I ate pretty healthily today! Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with some frozen/freezerburnt berries:

Then, I figured that we’d probably be hungry once we got to the stadium, so we packed for the occasion:

These Odwalla Bars are *really* good. I had the super protein bar, which was chewy, cakey, and fruity. It was very dense, and it stayed with me from 11:30 to 3, with most of that being sitting in the sun, which is pretty draining. I’ll definitely be interested to see if we could fit these into the budget somehow.

After we got home, I had a snack of some strawberries, five or six bagel chips, and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese. Lunch was a HUUUUUGE salad, some leftovers from a visit from West Coast Life to our office yesterday (thanks!!). I had to take it home or it would have wilted left over the weekend, and who wants to waste perfectly good salad? It had romaine lettuce, field greens, tomatoes, red onions, carrots and purple cabbage, black olives, and pepperoncini (I also added two more pepperoncini…I have this sick love with burning my butthole off). I sprinkled about 1/2 oz of cheese on top and used some fat free Caesar Italian dressing, and it was fabulous!!

Then, after our nap, we did our weekly Chinese meal; I had an apple while Joey was going to get the food, and then I had some broccoli with garlic sauce (about 2 cups) with 2 cups of white rice. I know, white grains are the devil, but I really love them with my Chinese food. Tomorrow, when I have the rest, I’ll have it with brown rice.

So, there you have it folks. I’m nursing some sunburned arms and shins, which I’ll hit with lotion again before bed (I’m psycho about skin cancer). But, it’s been a really nice day, honestly!

One thought on “Up All Night and Nursing a Sunburn:(

  1. Thanks for coming! Sorry you got burnt… I did too! Oh and the team won! Both teams actually. A perfect 8 in a row for my college career. Can’t ask for more than that I guess

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