Bloggity Update

Hi faithful readers! Just popping in….not much new going on these days. Joey has to work today, which really stinks, but we can use the money and he likes his coworkers, so there are much worse things that could have happened today. I’ve been enjoying a relaxed, laid back morning catching up on the blogs that I read. I’ll spent most of the rest of the morning reading my book for class, and then I’ll hit the gym (we skipped yesterday because we were so exhausted) and maybe try to clean up a little after I get back home.

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the clutter in the house for the past couple of days. It’s almost too much to tackle, but after my desk makeover at work this past week, I’m really feeling like decluttering is something that I need to do in all aspects of life, you know?

We’re also shooting to avoid eating out or getting takeout for this whole week since we did it twice last week. And since the food is always so high sodium and high fat.

I was looking at Shelli just now and flashed back to when we adopted her, how overwhelmed I was about having to take care of her and how needy she was when she was so little. But then she’d crawl into my lap and fall asleep sprawled out and I would just feel so blessed that she was there. And now, I can’t imagine life without her. Things wouldn’t be the same. Even if she does fling herself at the wall in the middle of the night when a car passes by the house and the headlights shine on our wall. hehe;)


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