Mountain Moments

Here are a few pics from our hike at Crowder’s Mountain last weekend:

This tree was huge. It was so beautiful

Me near the end of the trail. We were totally worn out, but it was definitely worth it!

Don’t those steps look like they’ll go on forever? It’s almost like going into an enchanted forest or something:)
Totally weird bug. No idea what it was, but I’d never seen one before, so it got a pic.
Since I’m mushroom obsessed, I had to get a pic of these babies:)
We did a 5.25 mile hike. I drank a liter and a half of water; having those hydration packs helps so much, really. We had a yard sale this weekend (made some good money too!), so I think we’re going to go again next weekend, but to King’s Mountain this time. I think we’ve done all we can do at Crowder’s and King’s is pretty close. Hiking is SOOOO much fun!!

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