One More Day!!!

The final discussion for my summer class ends tomorrow! I’ve already posted what I need to, but I’ll need to pop back in through the day tomorrow and post some reactions. I’m so glad that this course is almost done. While it’s been a great experience (the panic of having a crap-ton to read every week and an equally large crap-ton to write), I’m really looking forward to two months of break before starting back in the fall. One of my major goals for the fall is to really throw myself into my schoolwork and enjoying the experience of grad school. I seem to forget that things are finite and it’s wasteful to spend so much time wishing that things were over. Gotta enjoy the ride!

We’re going hiking again on Saturday! That’ll be every other week for the past five weeks….totally awesome. We’re totally into this new activity!!

I figured it was time for another Kins-shot:)


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