So Very Busy:(

Oh my, I’m stepping into uncharted territory for me these days. We’re finding ourselves doing something just about every night! Since I’ve gotten out of college, I’ve found myself needing increasingly more and more “down time,” time away from obligations with church, work, etc. We’re trying to spend as much time with James as possible since he’ll be leaving in a week and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove time with friends, but my body doesn’t know how to handle the constant on-the-go-ness. My eating schedule is erratic and the food I’m having is faaaar from the healthy fare that I need, so I’m finding myself with an upset tummy more days than not. I’m having strange dreams, and the house looks like a bomb went off.

I had to beg off on my parents to go see Harry Potter at the IMAX on Thursday night, and as usual, I feel horribly guilty:(. But we really need a night at home with nothing to do. I know that they understand, but I absolutely hate missing opportunities to have fun with them.

I’m trying to plan a camping trip for me and Joey in September, and then one for us and Shannon in October….seriously, I could camp at least once a month after what a great experience we had a few weeks ago.

Anyway, just a brief update…I may try to do a series over the next couple of weeks on how to cope when your routine gets turned upside down. If I can figure out how to cope, that is;).


One thought on “So Very Busy:(

  1. Mel – a friend went hiking at "Jones Gap" not all that far from Greenville, SC and said there were great hiking trails. Check state park out on internet. I'm thinking of doing myself one weekend.

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