Here Comes the Sun…

I figured it was time for some kitty pron since I hadn’t done any Shelli shots lately. I need to take some more since she’s always doing something that’s incredibly cute. Last night, she vascillated between Shannon’s flip flops and Cory’s sneakers and played with her black mousie in front of everyone! I just love her to death, really. She sleeps with me every night, curled up next to me (I have to sleep on my right side so that I’m facing her or she doesn’t like it).

I checked out the book One Skein Wonders at the library on Thursday, so I’m going to pick a project out of that to work on over the next week or so. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually finished anything, and I have so many randome skeins of yarn laying around that I think that a small, manageable, fast project will probably help to rekindle my knitting jones. Part of my simplifying journey right now is figuring out how to incorporate more of the things I love into my life while letting go of things I don’t love as much. Knitting is such a fantastic hobby for someone with anxiety problems as it really gives you a way to keep your hands busy and gives you something to focus on while you have to wait for something or are thinking about something too much. I should have a WIP photo for you soon!

Today, Joey and I are going to the farmer’s market in Monroe today to buy our produce for the week and to get some info for an upcoming feature series I’m working on for my Examiner site.
I’m really excited; I’ve never been to a farmer’s market before and I’m so looking forward to the experience. I’ll take pictures, too because it’ll probably be worth a blog on here too.

I think I’m about to enter a season of frequent blogging here. I know that I haven’t posted much over the summer, and part of it was because of my food blog, but the other part was because I’ve been so anxious and have been trying so much not to think about life and myself. Now that I’m taking steps to improve life and myself, I’m not so scared of it anymore.

Well, I’ll probably blog again later today; we’re going to relax after the Farmer’s market experience and then we have a birthday party to attend this evening!! Good day, everyone!


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