Exhaustion, Pure and Simple

Man, you take one step to simplify your life and then fifteen things come up that grab your attention in a pretty serious way! This past weekend was a whirlwind of parties and friends and cutting loose and rich food and bonfires. Saturday night was Shannon’s dad’s fiftieth birthday party, Sunday night was James’s going-away party, and yesterday, we went shooting and then James and Shannon came over for dinner. We ended up getting to bed well after midnight, and I felt horrible all day today. I ate pretty lightly to help make up for it and kept myself well-hydrated, but I was totally exhausted by mid-day and ended up nodding off while talking to one of my guys at work. Afternoon coffee was a must today:(.

It’s all worth it, though…in just a few days, James will be off to Iraq for a year and these are the times we’ll have to hold on to while we’re waiting for him to get back. This past year has gone so fast…it seems like he just got back, and to look back and realize that we’ve all hung out almost every weekend since then….it’s just weird to think about how quickly it went by. It’s funny how fast friendships can be made, real friendships…kind of sucks to end up in limbo for a while. But, it’s a pretty noble thing to volunteer to serve one’s country, a very special call. It’s a thing to be honored.

So, I’m taking Friday and Monday off so that we can go to Indy with him and Shannon and see him off. And, after that, I’m probably going to have to do some sort of detox to rid my body of all of the crap that I’ve ingested in the past few weeks. But, there will be time for that later! We’re off to bed early tonight to try to catch up a little on sleep:).


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