Rise and Shine!

Just a little Shelli action for you bloggies this morning:). Unfortunatley, I woke up at four this morning, probably because I took a 1.5 hour nap afterI got home from work and then went to sleep by 10. So, overall, I got seven hours of sleep, but it just didn’t feel that way. Wonderful Joey made dinner while I napped; we had roasted potatoes…it definitely helped my tummy since I was feeling nauseated all day (I think it was the combo of the late night and the pizza…my body is really having trouble figuring out how to deal with all of this).

Joey also got some really good news regarding his class coming up right after we get back from Indy…the books that he thought he was going to have to read and have papers done for are actually no longer required, so now he’s got time to focus on studying German for his quiz on the first day. I think that, while he’s going to be seriously stressed at first trying to balance teaching and being a student, he’s really going to enjoy himself this semester, and it’s going to prove to him that he really can do it.

Thankfully, TruTV plays forensic shows until 5:30, so I’ve got something to keep on as background noise. Tonight is choir rehearsal, and then I’ll probably go ahead and start packing for the trip so I’m not scrambling tomorrow night.


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