Greetings From Indy!

Yep…a drunken-kins shot;)…for the life of me, I have so much trouble getting a shot of her where she’s not in mid-blink because of the flash. Anyway…I thought this was a funny one, and I haven’t taken any pics yet of our trip. I’ve now been in two more states in which I’ve never been before…Kentucky and Indiana. Kentucky was pretty hilly, which was cool, but the landscape definitely flattened out once we hit IN.
The ride wasn’t terrible…Shannon and I knitted and knitted and knitted…she started and finished an entire fingerless-glove and worked on a scarf, and I’m still plugging away on the “shawl that never ends” for my grandma for Christmas (shhhh Leah;)). I’m sure I’ll have it done by the time we get back, maybe even today because James has some army stuff to do before we all spend the day together enjoying this time that we’ve got right now.
Shannon never ceases to impress me, seriously. I feel very blessed to have gotten to know her so well and to be such friends.
We arrived pretty late last night, and apparently there’s some kind of geek-fest convention going on, so finding a hotel was a task…we’ve ended up at the Super 8, which is a little skeevy, but they have free wireless, so that’s pretty awesome. I’m laying in the bed in the dark waiting for Joey to be ready to get up and go down to breakfast, and then we’ll kill some time waiting for James to get back from his army stuff.
I hope Shelli’s not too mad. Last time we left her, she was pretty ticked when we got home, like a pouty child, but after about half an hour, she was all over us telling us how much she missed us while we were gone. It’s funny how much cats are like children; they are such amazing creatures.
Well, that’s what I’ve got for now:)

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