Today’s the Day…

Here’s a shot of the Kins in mid-cleaning. Honestly, sometimes, I love to watch her bathe herself…she’s so deliberate and makes sure she gets every little bit of herself…between her toes, in her ears. It’s so cute. I do have to say, though, she’s not nearly as graceful as Puss was at the whole bathing thing. I can remember Puss taking half an hour to make sure she was clean…Shelli doesn’t have that kind of attention span…she’ll clean for maybe ten minutes, and then she’s moving on to something more important. Shelli is also really big about getting “bit by the dirty bug” as we’ll call it…she’ll be doing something and all of the sudden drop and lick herself furiously for a minute, and then move on. She’s such a sweet little creature:)…and I love her dearly.

I’m watching CNN in the dark while Joey sleeps…since James’s going away ceremony is late tomorrow night, and we won’t be able to stay for it, we’re going to go ahead and check out today, take James for a long lunch, and then meet his friends on base and head home this afternoon. It’ll likely be pretty early tomorrow morning when we get back, so Joey needs all of the sleep he can get. I’m not worried about it, though…Joey’s done longer stretches driving than the ten hours back of this trip. I’m really disappointed that James’s ceremony isn’t until tomorrow night, but it probably works out better this way, since he goes on “lock down” today and won’t be able to leave the base after three pm anyway.

We’ve had a lot of fun on this trip…we’ve stayed up late, laughing and joking and reminiscing about the past year…we’ve watched Disney movies and action movies, and some show on the History Channel about guns and tanks….we’ve eaten out, went to Wal-Mart, walked to the gas station to get better coffee than the swill that the hotel has.

Last night, my body was DONE with the crap that I’ve been eating…enough said on that one…but I plan to be very careful at lunch today and try not to get anything greasy or too cheesy. We’ll definitely be going back to pure, healthy, whole foods when we get home and I’m looking forward to that. It’s funny how much you’re affected by what you choose to put in your body. I can safely say that, should I be offered another piece of pizza, I think I’ll just puke right there. Between the last few weeks and our dinner Friday/lunch yesterday, I am officially OVER pizza.

Anyway…I leave you with those thoughts. Follow me on Twitter (Melbo19) as I’ll be tweeting the journey home. Love to all, and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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