Loss for Words: Real Post Date, 8/27

I don’t really have much to say. I’ve had this blog draft saved for two days because I loved this pic of Shelli, because it makes her body look so long because of the POV I was shooting from. But, then she went on a peeing spree and we found it in a few places on Tuesday night and then I lost all will to blog:(. I hate feeling like I’m a prisoner of our cat, and I hate not knowing what’s wrong with her…what she’s trying to tell us. I know it’s nothing medical, and I know that cats don’t pee out of spite, so something had her bothered to make her do that. Anyway.

Today was a *very* stressful day. I already started out in a bad mood on the way to work…just let too much run through my head and got caught up in the bad, and then, what started as a relatively minor event at work (my dissatisfaction with how open my cubicle is), ended up being a much bigger deal than I’d intended for it to be and I spent half the morning holding back tears. Not sure why…usually work stress just makes me aggravated, but I guess, when coupled with the already crappy drive to work, it just kind of got out of hand.

I’ve also been a little ambivalent about my vegetarianism for the past couple of days….not because I’m sick of it or don’t believe in it anymore, but I’m a little tired feeling guilty for people having to make sure there’s a meatless option just for my sake. I thought about it, though, and I can’t really see myself eating meat again…I feel too strongly about not doing it and about treating Creation the way God originally intended for it to be treated…for those of you who think we were chowing down on burgers and fried chicken in the garden of Eden, I’ll direct you back to Genesis 1:29-30, where God directs both humans and animals to eat a vegetarian diet. Funny how that was never mentioned to me in church my whole life until I went back and found it this past February. I’m not trying to start an argument about this, honestly. I know full well that eating meat is expressly permitted later in the Bible…but I think that it’s not intellectually dishonest or unScriptural to say that a world where humans and animals have a relationship of compassion rather than contention was God’s original design.

Anyway, that’s enough of my soapbox…I’m not sure why I got on that tangent. I’m probably going to go to bed shortly…don’t know if I can accomplish much more today. Love to all!


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