Thoughts on Food and Upcoming Takeout Embargo Month

So, the avoiding takeout thing for the month of September is going to be decidedly harder than I thought it would when I came up with the idea. Nothing makes me happier than an excellent Chinese meal (even though it’s entirely too greasy), and being the emotional eater than I am, after my entirely craptastic day yesterday, the first thing I asked for when I got home was “something tasty.” I reallyreally have to break myself of that. It’s definitely not benifitted me, to the tune of about forty pounds that I can’t stand to have on myself:(. But, anyway, enough of that.

We had Qdoba brought in by AXA yesterday, which was fantastic, and we had leftovers today for lunch, and it made me think of a few things:

  1. We must purchase at least one avocado per week for guacamole.
  2. We must get a bottle of lime juice to have on hand for said guacamole
  3. We must purchase cilantro to have on hand for, well, EVERYTHING.
  4. I HAVE to figure out how to make tomatillo salsa.

Honestly, I think that, armed with a good batch of guac and salsa all week, I’d be pretty well set as far as lunches are concerned. There’s very little that’s better than a black bean salad with guac and salsa as the dressing (what I had today for lunch). Avocados are healthy fats, and as far as I’m concerned, there is NO fresh herb out there better than cilantro. MOVE over, Basil. Here comes cilantro. With cilantro and lime, you really don’t even need cheese, which is probably my hugest weakness.

So, I think the above ideas are pretty good…they are in keeping with the whole foods movement, and, made from scratch, they can prove to be a very inexpensive way to supplement meals.

If you can’t tell, I’m in a much better mood than yesterday, despite having two really crappy dreams last night:

  • in the first, I dreamed that I was yelling at Joey and throwing things over and over and over…just anything, whatever I had in my hands (not specifically at him, but anywhere), and eventually drove him away:(
  • in the second, for some reason, I had gone on a business trip to FL and taken Mom with me and we were getting ready to come home and were at the airport (which was dirty and nasty and full of hoboes), when we looked at our itinerary and noticed that, because we were flying for business purposes, they routed us through Houston and then California and back to NC, so we weren’t going to get home until waaaaaaay late, and both of us had to sing at church the next day, and Mom was really upset about missing singing (hehehe….I know you’re cracking up about that, Mom) and started crying.

So, I got virtually no rest and almost fell asleep in the car a few times, but, I’m still feeling a whole lot better than yesterday. Plus, it’s only getting up to 83 today, so I’m taking a NAP in the car at lunch today. Woohoo!

Ok… I go.


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