Even More Thoughts on Frugality and Whatnot

Yeah, frugality has been on the brain these past several weeks, even moreso than just for my routine duties as Charlotte’s Frugal Living Examiner. We’d already gotten lax over the summer with getting takeout more than once a week, and then couple that with our trip and the new clutch in Rhonda, and it’s started to add up. So, I’ve been brainstorming different things to do to save $$ this fall and ways to incorporate the blog in such. I have more liberty here than I do with the Examiner website, because those articles need to stay away from personal experience, so to actually share my own stories, I’ll have to do that here.

Anyway, I told you last time about how I’m royally sucking with the not getting Chinese takeout thing….*sigh*….that’s mission #1. I’ve got to get better with that. September is our goal…no takeout at all. So, what we got on Thursday was in August, technically, AND I actually didn’t hoover all of it and managed to put some away to have for dinner tonight. AND, Joey’s parents got Chinese for us last night and I only ate half of that too, so I’ll have something for dinner tomorrow night or lunch Monday….so, all in all, not a total failure, but I’m going to have to get good enough that I’m able to resist the temptation rather than whining about it until Joey gives in because he loves me so much.

Mission #2 has got to be less food waste. We have totally managed to keep our food budget in the $100 per month range before, so this really shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, but we’re really bad about letting produce rot and food go bad. I’ve been reading The Frugal Girl blog, which is awesome, by the way, but she does this thing called Food Waste Friday, where she catalogues the food that she has to throw away each week. I’m thinking of particpating in this too; she started doing it in March of 08 and apparently, it’s helped her a good bit in reducing her food waste. We’ll see what happens. Tomorrow begins the first week of our monthly budget shopping, so I’ll be sure to catalogue what we get.

I’m singing tomorrow, so naturally, I’m starting to get nervous already. Those are earlyearly mornings…up at 5, leaving at 6:45 to be at church at 7. Off to bed early for me! Love to everyone!


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