See You In September….

:). I’m sooooo ready for September. Seriously. August was a very long month and, quite honestly, it wasn’t a really great one, I don’t think. I had fun at the flea market with my parents on the first Saturday. We had fun at the parties for Shannon’s dad and for James. The trip to Indy was hard, I’m not going to lie. Shooting with my parents was fun, but the month was just soooo busy. I’ve not eaten well, and we’ve not been to the gym in quite some time. Between being busy and my ankle, I don’t know that we’ve actually been to the gym since I sprained my ankle. September is the chance to get back into the groove, to get back used to school again, to get back to the gym and to get back on track.

I always felt weird in grade school when we started back in August, like it wasn’t really time to be in school until I could write “September” on the page. September was the month when school kicked in gear, when the weather (mercifully) started cooling off and it started getting dark a little earlier, when the leaves gave just a little hint of changing into their amazing fall array. I can’t wait for leaf change season…I’m hoping that we’ll get to enjoy peak leaf color during our camping trips to Balsam, NC in September and October.

This summer has left me feeling sluggish, tired, sapped of energy, listless, and dissatisfied. What a bummer, eh? Camping with Shannon and James was a welcome bright spot. Most of the summer goals I set went unachieved. I’m really hoping that I’ll get it together for my fall goals.

We shall see.


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