Girls Night, Almond Butter, Oatgurt, Nooch, and skulls!

Man, I’m sooo glad that we have a long weekend. It’s been a very long week, albeit with some good parts (girls night!!). Monday was month-end at work, so I ended up hanging out online until 9 to see if anyone had any last minute business that needed to be handled. Tuesday was the afore-mentioned girls night, which was fun, but unfortunately, I cooked something spicy with onions in it, and Shannon’s not big on onions and Katie’s not big on hot stuff:(…I’ll do better next time, girls, promise:). Wednesday was choir, and last night was cooking night! I made butternut squash fries (recipe here). Tonight, we hit the Wally World for a few things. I got a 2 pound bag of almonds to make almond butter!

I also have a batch of oatgurt fermenting in the oven. I’ve been reading about this stuff on Heather’s blog for a while and after emailing her to make sure I could do it with rolled oats rather than oat groats, I decided to give it a try. I’ve got the oven off, but I figure it’s going to be a relatively warm place in the house and will hold in the temp pretty well. I’ve got to let it ferment for 48 hours or so, and then I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Dinner tonight was really simple; I just had some grits and a scrambled egg, together with hot sauce and nutritional yeast. The nooch is growing on me…it’s supposed to be used as a cheese substitute for vegans, and I spent an arm and a leg on it at Earthfare a while back, so I’m not going to let it go to waste. It’s definitely yeasty, but I think if you go into it expecting that it’s not going to taste just like cheese, it’s a lot better. I also put some on my broccoli at lunch today.

Tomorrow is FLEA MARKET day! Hope I find more skull stuff:)


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