Stop. Sweater Time!! (Alternate Title: Actual Knitting Content)

So, like a year ago in September, I decided that I wanted to make a sweater and started a really easy pattern. I can’t really remember it now, but it was some kind of tunic from Berrocco’s website, I think. Anyway, I altered it a little because the pattern was to be knit flat and seamed up and I didn’t want to deal with seaming, so I am knitting it in the round. I’ll pick up stitches for the sleeves, so the only actual seaming I’ll have to do is the top of the shoulders. Anyway, I worked on it pretty diligently for a couple of weeks, but I think that the endless rows of stockinette finally got the better of me and I quit.

And, so it sat, and sat, and sat, and sat (I’m starting to sound like the book Once Upon a Potty here…). At New Year’s, I made a resolution to finish it by March. Instead, I didn’t even touch it at all.

Well, I’ve got everything that I’m currently working on off the needles right now, so I figured that I’d pull it out and perhaps have a sweater to wear this winter (if it turns out being wearable), and thanks to a girls’ knit night last night (yay!! Total fun…next one is at my house, girls:)), I finally got to the length that I thought was appropriate to split for the sleeves. I did that this morning.

Splitting for the sleeves is either very difficult, or I was totally doing it wrong, because I felt like a total moron trying to get the cable through half of the stitches to hold while I’m working on the front. I have to knit up the front eight inches, and then switch to the back and do the same, and then seam them together save for the neck hole, and then I can pick up the sleeves and start to knit them down. Now that I have the interchangeable needle set, I think I’ve got a cable short enough to be able to knit them down without DPNs, which I’m glad about, not because I don’t love dpns, but because I think there’ll be too many stitches involved, and mine aren’t that long.

Here are a few pics….sorry for the crappy lighting, but we keep the lights kind of low at the house to save electricity:

I just looooooove this color. It’s one of Bernat’s yarns, and it’s really really soft. It’s a deep purple with grey in it also. Absolutely one of my favorite colors. I’m a little nervous about getting the roll out of the bottom, though, because it’s acrylic. I don’t know that it’ll block out well. It’s making me wish I had either done some ribbing at the bottom or done a few rows of garter stitch, which I also think would look pretty freaking awesome. I think that the next one I do will be a yoked sweater. I’m really wanting to do Jared Flood’s Cobblestone for Joey.

Just a couple of close-ups of where I split for the sleeves. I’m really looking forward to finishing this, if nothing else than to have my size 9 circular and my long cable back. So, I’ll be working on this tonight while watching football and we’ll see how much farther I get.
Next week? Normalcy (yay)! With the exception of a BBQ at my boss’s house, we’ve got nothing out of the norm to do and I can’t get over how thrilled I am. We’re going to hit the gym Monday and Tuesday, and maybe Friday, so it’ll be good to get back into the groove of taking care of myself. Hot Dog!!
Love to everyone:)


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