Ok, God, It’s Your Turn…Seriously….

Doesn’t it just look like it’ll go on forever? It was so amazing standing at the overlook gazing across Cold Mountain back in July. We are camping this weekend, but unfortunately, a cold snap is coming, so it looks like it’s going to be a pretty chilly weekend to be in a tent. We should be fine though…got our long johns and fuzzy sleeping bags, and we’ll make sure that we have extra blankets. And we have plenty of firewood!!

Today was not a very good day; I’m not going to lie. I had a very encouraging evening after I spent lots of time Saturday night mapping out things that I can do now to work toward my passions and dreams, and I was able to hold onto that despite the drama from yesterday, but today really took away my joy. My life isn’t falling apart or anything, but I’d managed to work through something and be at peace only to have it upheaved again and now I’m left looking to the sky trying to figure out what God’s trying to show me.

Anyway…enough of that. I should be back in Frugal Living Examiner mode within the next couple of days. I have some good story ideas that hit me during my “car time” (which was pretty cold) today.

OH!! And I’ve got both the front and back knitted up on the sweater, so I just need to seam the top and then pick up stitches for the sleeves!! Gigantic purple bag sweater, here I come!!

That’s all I’ve got tonight. I’ve got to get going on Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon…I may or may not have slacked off a little since nothing was due last week;)


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