Mel’s Vegan Challenge!

Hello, bloggies! We’re hanging in there in Weaver-ville…I got my assignments done (turned my Sherman Alexie paper in just about an hour ago). Joey, however, has a lot more to do which, apparently has led him to tell me that he isn’t going to be pleasant to be around for the next ten days or so. So, I guess my time will be spent writing, reading, and hanging out on the web, trying to stay out of his hair. I hate these times for him…all of his papers are so huge (which stands in stark contrast with my five-to-ten page papers) and require so much research and insight. It takes a lot out of him. But, I’m proud of my super-smart PhD man (and now, wilderness man).

As most of you probably don’t know, November 1st is World Vegan Day, and is generally filled with pleas from animal rights groups asking that people give veganism a chance for just that one day. While I don’t necessarily think from my reading of Genesis 1:29-30 that veganism was prescribed, I do deal frequently with wanting to be vegan just because I see it as the natural end of vegetarianism. No, I’m not throwing out all of my shoes and purses and setting Shelli free (not all vegans believe that we shouldn’t even own animals, but some do). But I will be doing my part to promote World Vegan Day through next week’s personal challenge:

I’m going to take the next week (starting Sunday, 10/25) and am going to adhere to the principles of veganism (no eggs, dairy, or honey) through World Vegan Day (11/1). I’ll spend this week picking out recipes and meal ideas so there will be no boredom in the Weaver house!

I’ve read so many good things from people who’ve given up dairy; since dairy increases mucuous production, it’s really not a singer’s best friend, and most people are actually mildly lactose intolerant (at least), so I’ll be very interested to see what kinds of changes I feel by not dealing with its effects.

Join me? Join me!!


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