November Challenge: Back on Track Month!

Here’s a shot of the Babykins:)

Skulls and Scorpions bring joy to my day:)

I woke today feeling pretty refreshed, surprisingly; showering in the evening seems to work better for me as it gives me extra time in the morning and I don’t feel quite so rushed. Now, if I could just get in the habit of pre-packing my lunch and laying out my clothes, I’d be in business!

Today was my first conscious foray back into the world of dairy (actually, it was last night, but apparently it wasn’t conscious since it didn’t occur to me until after I’d typed the previous sentence…). I had an omelet made with 1 egg and 1 white, diced green peppers, and a veggie dog. It was soooo good! I’m still trying to figure out how to reconcile eggs and dairy with my ethical beliefs about the egg and dairy industries….it may take a while.

I was already planning to do this, but since Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point already gave it a name, I will be participating along with others in her Back on Track Month. Basically, we’re just taking the month of November to refocus and get back on the healthy eating/exercise/stress management bandwagon. After seeing how much better I felt after the Challenge last week, I was ready for a month of “clean living” to gear up for the holidays!

This month, I’m going to seek to do the following:
  1. Get to the gym three times per week. This shouldn’t be trouble…Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are pretty open for me since I gave up the band.
  2. Yoga twice a week…this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator every day. I only travel upstairs/downstairs two or three times per day anyway, so I’ll climb the stairs from now on.
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. I’ve been slacking here because of how much we’ve had to do at work. It’s good for my general health and to prevent kidney stones!
  5. Eat whole, real food, not processed food.
  6. Reduce junk food consumption (chocolate, chips, pasta, “white” grains, calorie-laden beverages, etc).

I’m really excited about starting yoga. I’ve wanted to so badly since I started reading Heather’s blog, and when Angela posted about it today, I couldn’t resist. I printed the guide from Yoga Download that she referenced and plan to give it a try tomorrow since I won’t be able to hit the gym.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve shifted to writing more about food and fitness; I’m trying to focus the blog more toward things about which I’m pretty passionate. I made a list in my mind and came up with:

  1. Shelli
  2. Healthy Living
  3. Frugality
  4. Knitting

So, that’s where I’m going right now…it could change at the drop of a hat, I guess, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to offer some insight and info!

By the way, check out my articles on Post-Halloween Sales and the joy of Pumpkin Seeds!!


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