Trail Ends Here.

That’s so definite….such a finite ending.  What was really funny, though, was that, in this case, the trail didn’t really end there.  If you went just about a tenth of a mile farther, the top of the mountain awaited.  How often do we accept that the “trail” must end “here,” and don’t go on, don’t think of other ways around or through?

There was a minor food victory today…we got Chinese (we usually do once a week), and I tried the Szechuan Tofu this time…it came with mixed veggies.  Before I ate anything, I automatically took half of it and put it away for lunch tomorrow instead of forcing myself to eat the whole thing.  I know, it’s no ten-mile run or anything, but I guess for me, it’s something.

I’m sorely lacking in anything else worthwhile…today was productive and pretty good, but I started thinking about Puss on the way home and my mood was kind of ruined from then on.  It’s been almost two years.  Sometimes it feels like it was a hundred years ago, and other times it seems like it happened yesterday.  I’m really terrified that, somehow, I’ll forget her.  Today, I promised her that I would make it my mission to do something significant to make sure that other “Kinses” aren’t left without someone to love them and take care of them.  I’m working on a plan for that right now, but I’ll have to leave it at that until later.

Good night:)


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