Spiralizer Success: Roasted Sweet-Potato Curly Fries

Oh yeah!  My anniversary present arrived today (I got it for myself…hehe).  I ordered a spiralizer.  I’d been wanting one for a while since seeing all of the wonderful creations on all of the food blogs these days.

Pasta is such a weakness for me; I could eat it every night.  And, there’s nothing worse for your body than three or four cups of processed, white carbs made from bleached flour and other unpronouncable ingredients.

Pasta made out of veggies seems like a pretty logical substitution, eh?  It’s a way to still get the yumminess of the sauce without having to waste the calories and carbs on the method of serving said sauce!

So, I took it out of the box, cleaned it up, and started on some roasted sweet potato curly fries!  I saw them on Heather’s blog; looks super-yummy, eh?  Anyway, it was a heavenly lunch, that’s for sure!  I roasted these at 425* for probably twenty or thirty minutes; I broiled them for the last few and ended up incinerating some of the fries that were on the edges.

Pretty and tasty!  I had them with a little ketchup and some caeser vinnaigrette.  I had this plate x2 (but no more condiments).

Alrighty…got to get going; we’re going to hit the Wal Mart for cleaning supplies, and I a SERIOUS decluttering mission for the kitchen.  I had a horrible time finding room to do the spiralizing.

And here’s what happens when you try to get a close-up of a ninja kitty:)


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