Another Day in Paradise…

Yep, day # 2 of rest and relaxation; I’m so super-thrilled.  Unfortunately, my body clock kicked in at its normal time, 5:45, but I managed to stay in bed until 6:15 before I finally got up so that I wouldn’t be fidgety and Joey could sleep some more.

I’ve noticed over the past two days that daytime television totally sucks.  I know, primetime tv isn’t really that much better, but seriously.  Maury doesn’t come on until 1 pm anymore, and that’s a long time to wait and see “who’s the father?”

We put in some NCIS to enjoy while relaxing:

Shelli is in Joey’s lap.  That’s a new blog that I’ve been reading, Vegan Hope.  It’s pretty interesting; the author writes about her own personal experience of recovery from severe diabetes through a vegan diet.  There’s a lot to chew on in this blog, folks, and I really recommend that you check it out.

I’m almost done with the cowl that’s pictured…I’ll probably go another round or two and then bind off.  I intended to finish it last night, but I fell asleep while Joey was waiting for some crops to harvest on Farmville.  I’ve got four hats to work on next, so I need to get on the stick!

On the docket for today?  A trip to Aldi to get some stuff for the week and for dinner tonight.  I’m making a vegetarian mini-Thanksgiving for Cory, who’ll be spending the afternoon/evening hanging with us.  I’m probably also going to make some more stuff to bring with me for tomorrow since I’m thinking that I might need to have some more veg options.

Enjoy your morning, folks:)


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