In Which Tofu Skyrockets Me Over My Grocery Budget…

Ok, not really.  We went over by 26 cents this week.  It’ll end up being about four bucks total because I forgot to add Jambalaya rice mix and FF Italian dressing to the list, despite the fact that I’m using BOTH of them tomorrow and just made the grocery list today.

I did my once-monthly Trader Joe’s run today…got two blocks of extra firm tofu, chipotle hummus, roasted garlic hummus, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unsweetened vanilla rice milk, and four spring onion noodle soup bowls (my favorite processed meal).  Just over fourteen bucks.

This week’s menu plan is pretty simple:

  • Monday:  spiralized zuchinni “spaghetti” and homemade marinara sauce
  • Tuesday:  Vegetable jambalaya (we’re having friends over, and what better way to welcome them into our home than to burn their butts off in a flame of firey gas!!)
  • Wednesday:  Scrounge night
  • Thursday:  Chili.  I was dismayed this morning when I went to the freezer for some chili, to find that we didn’t have any.  I hadn’t made any since Christmas Day, but somehow, we always seem to have a neverending stash of chili in the freezer.  This must be remedied post haste.
  • Friday:  dinner with Joey’s parents
  • Saturday:  veggie fajitas
  • Sunday:  TBD

Since Sunday is the big V-day, and we’re having a friend over, I’m still thinking about how to glam the night up for her.  Joey and I are pretty nontraditional when it comes to holidays…we don’t do the big V-day thing…I just think it’s stupid to wait for two hours to get a seat at a restaurant when we could just go out the next weekend and not have to deal with the masses.  Joey concurs, so we’re having our friend Katie over for some (TBD) good food and fun!

I actually folded laundry tonight.  After a most excellent workout, spiralizing zuchinni, making marinara sauce, and showering.  Totally productive evening!

I leave you with a precious-Kins-shot:


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