I Want To Go Camping…

So, I had a little free time today and one of my blog recommendations in Google Reader was for an ultralight backpacking blog.  I have such a romantic idea of camping, so it was probably a mistake that I spent so much time there, because now I have this horrible yearn for some peace and quiet and a tent by a creek. 

Eventually, I’d at least like to get to a lightweight backpacking level, if not ultralight, although I doubt I’ll make it that far because it seems that things like TP are considered to be extra weight.  I don’t care where I’m pooping, folks…I’m going to have some TP.  However, the idea of being able to pack my tent and sleeping bag in my backpack and go.  However, for now, I’m pretty thrilled with car camping:)

Isn’t that view from inside the tent cool?  I really loved fall camping, even if it was cold and wet (we had sleet and ice sheets falling off the tent).  We probably won’t be able to go until May, when I’m done with my classes (there’s not much room for the “distance” aspect of “Distance Ed” with these, unfortunately), but I’m already looking up campgrounds!

And, with a camp-chef like Joey, I know we’ll eat well!

In other news:

  • I had a very pleasant surprise upon filling out my graduation checklist.  I’ve just got one more class and my thesis to go!  Time flies when you’re miserable and overworked!
  • I’ve got to be honest…I’m just not really enjoying literature from India.  It’s either too dry and mundane, or there’s incest.  Weird.
  • It is currently snowing.  The yard is now covered, but the news people are still saying that there won’t be any accumulation on roadways and there probably won’t be much ice tomorrow.  Balls to that.  I really wanted a snow day.
  • I miss the Olympics.
  • My VITA-MIX came!!!!  But I’m afraid of it:(.  I think that its massive power is overwhelming me.  I think I’m going to make a smoothie in the morning to take to work, though.  I could use something that doesn’t make my insides beg for mercy.
  • I’m so freaking ready for James to go home.  THAT’S going to be the camping trip of the ages when he gets back.
  • I have  been a slack knitter. 

Mommeh, you should knit less and play with me more.  And feed me more.  And watch me eat.  And wait for me to want attention.  If you would just do that, I would never, ever sharpen my claws on the furniture…


One thought on “I Want To Go Camping…

  1. Experience has taught me that, although I do enjoy hiking and such, I’m much happier spending the nights in a hotel. 🙂

    Good news about your graduation requirements!

    Orange kitty toes!

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