Did Anyone Watch House Tonight?

1.  Donna, oh how you have fallen since That 70’s Show.

2.  Do you think the writers really understand blog culture?  It seemed a little over-the-top to me from my own experience and from the blogs I read.

Joey loves House.  I am okay with it…used to love it, but had to stop watching because of my hypochondria.  Now that it’s under control, I haven’t been able to reconnect, but I watch anyway because Joey likes it.  Anyway, I thought that the way they portrayed bloggers was a little funny.

I made homemade pizzas tonight with peppers and onions and mozz, parm, and a little feta.  YUM:).  And I have a pot of stock cooling on the stove to be strained and frozen.

Here’s what happens whenever I try to capture Shelli up-close on film:

Just a second too late…


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