So *That’s* What Hell Feels Like…

Hey, everyone:).  I know…it’s been a month.  As I expected, April was a total whirlwind and much of it was incredibly unpleasant.  The bright spot?  James came home for leave, proposed to Shannon in a hugely surprising-crazy-romantic-zany way, and we all ate much good food and spent as much time as possible making up for the last eight months apart.  If only I hadn’t had two major projects due while he was home, things would have been perfect.

I can’t believe that I’m almost at the end of my graduate program; next semester, I’ll take one class and begin my thesis (which I’m spreading over two semesters to alleviate some of the stress).  It seems like just yesterday that I was poring over the internet, looking desperately for some way to pursue my Master’s online.  Thank God for ECU.  This was, by far, the hardest semester; one of my professors was extremely unresponsive and unhelpful, which made things all the more stressful.  But, I pulled through, perservered, and now I’m just waiting for the grades to post!

I’ll be honest; we have not been very frugal lately.  Some things, we’ve really wanted/needed and others were frivlous.  Here’s one of the frivilous (but worthwhile) purchases:

Yep, they’re Vibram Fivefingers!  They’re this special shoe designed to get you closer to being barefoot, and they’re supposed to improve your posture and any foot pain that you might have, etc.  They work!  My heel pain is a LOT better when I’m wearing them.  And they’re a great conversation starter.

I’ve been knitting a lot since I finally have the time.  I’ve lost seven and a half pounds, but I’m having some major food issues (but that’ll need to wait for another post because my thoughts on that are lengthy).  We’re going to Portland in June.  We’re going camping when James gets back in August.

More later:)


One thought on “So *That’s* What Hell Feels Like…

  1. Lots going on! Congrats on the weight loss… and sorry to hear about the food issues. 😦

    Hmm. Maybe those shoes are what I need to not aggravate my incipient bunion. But… I desperately need arch support, or I get plantar fascitis…

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