West Coast Thoughts

1.  Do not assume that, if someone is talking to himself, that he must have a bluetooth headset on the other side of his head.  And if he just told himself that he stopped taking drugs a while back, don’t necessarily believe him.

2.  Buses smell.

3.  Stumptown Coffee has, thus far, been a letdown.  But the coffee in Powell’s Used Bookstore is fabulous!

4.  Everyone has tattoos!

5.  Thankfully, the lady who was talking to her purse actually DID have a tiny dog in there.

6.  Don’t assume it’s a woman.

7.  Finally, a place where people don’t think you’re crazy when you’re in your Vibrams!

8.  A used bookstore that takes up an entire city block is heaven on earth!

9.  Vegan stuff EVERYWHERE…but also nudie bars:(

10.  There’s no place like home.


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