Priorities? What are Priorities…?

Last month was insanely busy.  This month, Joey and I promised ourselves that we were going to take it easy and not schedule as much stuff.  Thus far, I think we’ve been pretty successful.  So, why am I still so stressed and frazzled?

I have what seems like a million things that I want to try to get done in what remains of the summer.  I’ve got to train for this 5K on 8/21 (for which I’m already going to be woefully unprepared), I’m knitting a baby gift for someone, I want to write and help Joey get started on the business, I need to come up with a thesis topic…blahblahblah.

Even when I relax my schedule, I think of a long list of things that I should/could be doing.  I don’t know how to just “be.”

We’re also having to try to crack down on frugality again, which makes me mad at myself that we let ourselves fall into an un-frugal mindset.  I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m pretty smart with money.  We’re not in any danger, but we’ve got some things that we’d like to do next year that we can’t do, and I agreed to one too many trip this year with money that we could have put toward what we want to do, and I’m a little upset at myself for it.

So, I was going to do a cool post with neat pictures, but decided to be honest instead.  I’m stressed, tired, and trying to slow my mind down enough that I can actually enjoy living.


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