Packing Is a Pain In The…

…well, you know.  However, I can at least amend #49 on my list of 100 things about me…there is no longer a four-foot-high laundry pile in our laundry room. It has been tamed.  I fought the laundry and I kicked its arse.  And Joey put the hang-ups on hangers and put all of the laundry away.  Such a good hubbs.

However, now begins the arduous task of packing for a trip.  I always pack too much of one thing and not enough of another…too many pairs of underwear, but not enough t-shirts….something like that.  I had to go buy some stuff today with my birthday gift card at Wal-Mart (I know…bleh) that would fit my newfound rotundity.  I don’t have much casual stuff now other than one pair of jeans:-(.  I know, I need to quit the negative self-talk because I am working on it and I’m not going to be dealing with it forever.

So, on a happy note, I got a cute pair of cargo shorts, a pair of cargo pants, a pair of capris, and a pair of  3/4 length yoga pants, and two short-sleeved workout hoodies that were all really cute, so I’ll be all set for the week and for workouts to come (lots of what I got can double as workout gear!  Multipurpose clothes!).

Part of me loves to pack…I like making lists, getting tiny toiletries, figuring out what bag to use.  But the cramming and the worrying that I didn’t remember everything sucks.  Or the over-packing of stuff to entertain myself…Sure, I’ll need three novels, a journal, two knitting projects, my netbook for that novel I’ve been meaning to start, five critical articles to help me figure out my thesis topic………...  It’s like, for some reason, I start thinking that I’m going to catch up on everything on earth that I’d planned to do or anything that I’d ever expressed interest in starting while I’m on a trip.  How stupid is that?

So, I’m taking one knitting project, one book, one journal, and my netbook (because I think we may have wireless at the campsite and I can blog in the morning).  Other than that, I’m going to force myself to chill.

One of my favorite parts about camping is the early morning.  I’m an early riser (I usually have to make myself stay in bed until 6:30), and getting to sit outside the camper/tent in the crisp morning, watching the sun rise through the trees, with plenty of time to myself to think is one of the best parts of the camping trip to me.  I’m bringing some running socks and shoes this time because I want to make sure that I get in a couple of runs this time.

OK, back to gathering clothes…


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