Grammar Makes the World Go ‘Round…

While I appreciate the concrete rules of grammar, after twenty-five pages of it, I’m thoroughly exhausted.  Joey’s paper is edited…it was good, but deep, and 90 minutes of theology and grammar wears out the brain.

Has anyone else noticed that Paula Dean sounds like she’s retarded?  We’ve been watching her show at 6 pm, not because I like her, but mostly because I’m amazed that someone with that much of a speech issue was given her own show.  And she deep fries everything.  I’m really surprised that she manages to fry anything without hurting herself.

My ear is still tender…it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as I anticipated that it would.  The worst part is forgetting about the piercing and bumping it or getting my hair caught in it.  But I LOVE the way it looks.

I have done NOTHING for Christmas this year.  I did my parents’ present and Joey’s present, but other than that, I’m woefully unprepared.  I don’t know why…I actually haven’t felt completely crappy toward Christmas this year, yet I don’t have the urge to get things ready.  And I’m getting bummed that I’m not going to get to be in the musical this year.  Part of me wishes that we’d never left main campus, because coming back two weeks ago put me in a weird position…it was really too late to learn all of the music…plus, I didn’t want to be one of those divas who shows up at the last minute and expects to sing.  It irritates me when people are like that. 

But all of the Facebook statuses with excitement about dress rehearsal tomorrow are making me miss the frenzy of energy, the adrenaline, the tears, the joy, the lights, the music.  I missed it.  I missed my friends, my source of stability and support.

OK…enough rambling.


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