We Are Currently Operating On a Two-Hour Delay…

Good Morning peeps!  Our management so graciously decided to delay the opening of our office by two hours so that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting in with the ice on the roads, so I’ve had a lot of extra time to myself this morning.  Joey heard the news and promptly shuffled back to bed.  I had a big mug of coffee.


Check out the Monkees single I got at the flea market two weeks ago.  That’s the second original single I’ve gotten for my collection of Monkees paraphernalia which, as you well know, extends to my own leg


Here’s a couple of the books I read from this semester.  I’d recommend both, although the Alvarez book is more concrete and historical whereas the Castillo book is more the “magical realism” type. 


If you look through the window, you can see a small dusting of sleet on my car.  It’s all mostly ice, though.  We don’t get pretty snow that often.


In cat-pee-related news, the Feliway seems to be calming Shelli down.  At least, I haven’t been peed on again.  I’m off to eat a little breakfast before I get ready for work…leaving in about an hour.  Hope you’ve enjoyed pictures from my mundane morning.


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