Snow Day Part Deux!

My office closed today!!!  It’s supposed to get progressively worse throughout the day, moving from snow to freezing rain, so we’ll see what happens in the morning (I’m guessing a delay), but for today, I’m totally satisfied at having gotten the snow day that I was wishing for. 


That was just about sunrise…it’s *really* coming down now…can’t wait to make snow cream after lunch.  Shelli’s feeling a little camera-shy today.  There’s also been some Dirty Jobs today.


And a most excellent omelette.  And lots and lots of coffee.


So, I started eating paleo again yesterday.  With a few exceptions, of course.  Like snow cream, artificial sweetener for my coffee, and low-carb dairy.  However, I’m not going to be eating as much meat, but the crap-ton of veggies thing works just fine for me.

I’m so freaking overwhelmed by this thesis prospectus thing. *sigh*.


One thought on “Snow Day Part Deux!

  1. Hopefully today wasn’t too horrible if you didn’t get another snow day…

    I do remember the worst part about grad school was working myself into a frenzy of anxiety over deadlines…

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