Eating Primally, Facebook Hiatus, Return of the Dumb Phone

I got no pictures for you today.  I was going to take pictures of my day yesterday, but it was such a frustrating day, I didn’t even think of it, to be honest.  Disclaimer:  the following comments are in no way directed negatively toward my company, which I enjoy and treats me well.  Part of the stress of working as support staff in the sales industry is that you stand directly between a salesperson and his/her commission.  More often than not, that’s not a comfortable place to be.

I’ve been eating primally for a couple of weeks now.  Well, mostly primally.  I need to get darker chocolate than what I have…too much sugar.  I’ve lost 8 pounds so far and I’ve been feeling better.  It’s nice to see progress.

The Facebook hiatus continues…and I’m thisclose to doing away with it completely.  Were it not for some friends that I probably wouldn’t be able to talk to otherwise, I’d be out of there.  I got back on for a bit today just to catch up, and it did nothing other than prove to me why I left in the first place.  Too much drama.  I have a real problem with getting too into my online life…it was that way back in college when I was one of the charter members of the newsgroup alt.underground (we broke off from the Stephen King newsgroup).  I completely immersed myself in it, and when “flame wars” broke out about various topics, I’d let it affect me in real life.  I felt that again this morning and subsequently resumed my Facebook hiatus.

And….we’re back to the dumbphones this week, which I’m actually enjoying!  It’s easier to text with, and I no longer feel compelled to check Facebook/Twitter every five minutes.

OK…off I go to a birthday party!!


One thought on “Eating Primally, Facebook Hiatus, Return of the Dumb Phone

  1. I’m with you Mel…I hate facebook! I get way too involved and get hurt feelings or spend way too much time worrying about things that are none of my business. My boys run around, getting ignored, because I’m looking at the fact that so and so went to the grocery store today. Sheesh!

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