PeeWee Herman, Camping, and Things I Wish I Could Say

I cannot believe that my generation was so fond of PeeWee Herman when we were kids.  He was a functionally retarded manchild who talked to his chair.  How did no one see the prono-theater incident coming?

Here are some long-overdue camping photos from a couple of weeks ago.

Chairs and fire ring:

I have this thing about taking pictures of fire at night.  It’s the only time when the true beauty of the fire itself can be captured:

I NEVER get good pictures of myself.  But this one is better than some.

This was our amazing deck; we were high above the rest of the campground, and when it rained, we sat on the deck and watched and listened.

A fire picture taken with the flash.

I took this one with the Macro setting on my point-and-shoot.  It turned out pretty good; that’s an eggshell and a piece of potato that fell out of the skillet when Joey was making breakfast for us:)

Thing that ran through my head today that I wished I could say, but didn’t:  I’m sorry, but the problem isn’t with the software…it seems to be your IQ that’s causing your trouble.  I’m afraid that I can’t help you with that.


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