Ten Years Above Ground!!


Yesterday was a very special day for Mr. PhD and myself.  We celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the motorcycle accident that nearly killed him and, in a twisted way, is the reason that we ended up getting married.

At some point between his junior and (first) senior year in college, Joey decided that he wanted to be a motorcyclist and traded his vehicle in on a bike.  He wasn’t a poser…a weekend biker. Nope..he was a soaked-in-the-rain, bugs-in-the-face kind of biker. Until May 12, 2001, when a driver of a pickup truck pulled out of a gas station (speeding), and failed to look both ways, running over Joey in the process.  He broke a lot of bones, it crushed his right foot and dislocated his hip (as a result, his right leg was leaning against his left shoulder), and he cut his face on the guy’s front bumper.  He spent four days in the ICU and the rest of the summer in bed/a wheelchair.

He was planning to go back to Charleston Southern to finish up his B.A.  His doc told him that he wouldn’t even be walking by the time he had to be there.  And, as such, he ended up back at Wingate.  And the rest is history.

So, Joey, here’s to you:)


(We ate at T1 Tapas last night, which has interactive touch-screens on the table top where you can draw and play games, and then post them on the monitor next to your table.  And thus, the above masterpiece was born)


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