Happy Freakin’ Birthday, Stupidhead…

In case you were wondering, I am the above-mentioned Stupidhead.  One day before my thirtieth birthday, and I go ahead and do this:

See the toes peeking out?  Yep.  I freakin’ sprained my ankle the day before my thirtieth birthday.  We’d planned an excellent day of hiking through the mountains, and now I’m spending my birthday on the couch with my leg elevated.  I was at the Botanical Garden in Asheville (waaay overrated.  They should call it the “weed garden.”  It was hardly worth the injury.  Anyway, they’ve got stone steps that lead down to the visitor center, and I found one of the uneven places on one of the steps.  I heard the pop and felt sick as I sat down hard on the steps:(.  And, in customary Melanie-fashion, I couldn’t rest and immediately put it up because we were having a day with friends and I needed to keep walking.  At least I didn’t have to hike a mile and a half like last time.  But I did walk on it for another three hours and as such, I wasn’t able to put any weight on it after the three hour drive back home.  After lots of ice and TLC from Mr. PhD, I’m feeling much better today. 

We went to Blessings Cafe this morning, which was how I’d planned to start my birthday either way, but instead of a nice hike in the 75* mountains, I’m laying on my couch with my ankle elevated in the 75* house.  That’s okay, though.  It’ll just end up being a day of MST3K and blog-reading.  Hopefully, I’ll be back in full-health by the time we go camping in August in this:

Yep, some people shell out money on expensive computers and cars, but we decided to spend the dough on a 10-year-old camper.  I know we’ll get a lot of joy out of this over the years:)

So, anyway, I’m thirty today…actually, I think right about now (lunchtime), and it feels strangely like twenty-nine.  Hopefully, my thirtieth year will be significantly better than the last few.  I’m feeling strangely optimistic these days.


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