You Know, I’m Just Plain ol’ Pissed Off.

Yeah, I’m not having it today.  Just not having it.  Thoughts from the day:

  1. Cancer sucks.  It really, really really sucks. 
  2. It’s also irresponsible to keep throwing the “miracle” world around when someone’s battling cancer.  There are other ways to encourage them that are more sensitive.
  3. I can only hope that when I was younger, I didn’t come across like I thought I knew everything and had all the answers.  I know I was probably that way to some degree, but I also think my parents did a pretty good job of squelching that.
  4. After ten years of struggling, the only answer I have is that I don’t have the answers.  And I’m okay with that.  Consequently, I lack patience with those who think that they’ve got all of the answers.
  5. Wisdom doesn’t come by way of armchair philosophy and navel-gazing.  Wisdom comes from life punching you in the face and you getting back up again.
  6. Flippant comments almost always hurt someone, whether or not it’s intended.
  7. Greed is an ugly, ugly thing that makes people do and say ugly, ugly things.
  8. Memories mean a lot more than money, and I don’t really care about the money.
  9. My parents are freaking awesome.
  10. My cat may be a little eccentric, but she’s scrappy and smart, and totally badass.  I’d rather have a smart, albeit crabby cat any day.
  11. My husband is working three jobs and working on a PhD.  And, quite honestly, the PhD work is a fourth job.  It ain’t a walk in the park.
  12. I’m glad that we were totally broke when we got married. We have different expectations from life because of it.
  13. I’m also glad that my first job (selling furniture) wasn’t what I wanted to do and that they pay was crappy.  It taught me not to say that a job is “beneath me.”  It also taught me that I can do just about anything for a job if I love the people I work with.  And I do.

Wow…this unintentionally turned into a “Thursday Thirteen.”  Forgive the crustiness.  It’s been a day.  I feel better now:).  Your regularly scheduled sarcasm and randomness will return tomorrow:)


5 thoughts on “You Know, I’m Just Plain ol’ Pissed Off.

  1. Mel, I always say the older I get the less I know. If only I had the “wisdom” now that I had at 17! I could rule the world! Feel better soon…there is some unpleasantness going around. I hope it passes you by quickly!

    • Thanks, Brandy. It was a pretty rough day. I’ll tell you all about it whenever we see each other next. It’s just not bloggable stuff. Hope you’re feeling better, too!

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